About Us

Gazi University  Department of Finance operated firstly under the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Ankara as an institution and then it operated under the name of Department of Finance which provided education for five years and mainly in foreign languages. In 1982, with the legal regulation, it took place as Finance Department within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Gazi University. With its well-established traditions, distinguished academic staff who have been working since the day it was founded, and graduates who are at many important points in economy, politics and arts, Gazi University Finance Department has always been one of the most important and successful departments of Turkey.

The Finance Department offers courses in economics, business administration, accounting and law as well as the main courses of the finance branch including fiscal theory, fiscal law, fiscal economics, budget and financial planning.

In the Department of Finance, education is offered at both master's and doctoral level as well as undergraduate level. The intensive demand for graduate and doctoral programs as well as graduate education, and  the number of students at the graduate level, and the academic studies they have undertaken have always been a separate indicator of the success and popularity of our department.

The main objective of our department is to enable our students to gain the knowledge and equipment that will bring them to the highest levels in all areas of the public and private sector, especially in  the fields such as Tax Inspectorate, Bank Inspectors, Budget Expertise, Administrative Judiciary Authority, Court of Accounts Audit and Capital Markets Expertise. The points that our lecturers and students who worked towards this end in their endeavors have made the Gazi University Finance Department one of the most respected and prominent departments of our country.

Mission; To raise self-confident, self-sacrificing and qualified labor and scientists who will be able to compete in their own fields at national and international level; to produce scientific works through researches, projects and publications, and to contribute with the accumulation of knowledge in the field of finance.

Vision; To give importance to quality and quantity in order to keep graduates who are able to work in good positions in both public and private sectors and who are in compliance with the changes  in finance and in other fields; to provide students with social benefits as well as scientific knowledge.